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Business Case Profile

ALE DC – the Agricultural Landscape and Ecosystem Design Collaborative

Casey Hoy's picture

Business Case Description: 

We provide planning and design services for landowners seeking a sustainable  future for their farmland.  Using ecological principles for land management, social connection between the farm and surrounding communities, and enterprise diversity that connects the two, we balance social, economic and environmental dimensions of farm sustainability.  We specialize in GIS analysis of these multiple dimensions of agriculture to lay out possibilities for farmland and its connections with the surrounding landscape and communities that would improve agroecosystem health.  Services include land use and management plans, land lease arrangements with sustainable management specifications, and land transfer planning for sustainable farms. 

Proposed Location: 

40° 48' 7.776" N, 81° 59' 49.5996" W

Proposed Supply Chain Category: 


Proposed Inputs: 

  • Information Tech and CommunicationsData analysis and graphical displayGIS systems
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsDataGIS data
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsDataMarket Data
  • Legal and RegulatoryContractualFarmLink
  • Natural CapitalLandFarmland

Proposed Outputs: 

  • Information Tech and CommunicationsData analysis and graphical displayLand use plans
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsData analysis and graphical displayMarketing plan
  • Legal and RegulatoryContractualLand transfer plans
  • Legal and RegulatoryContractualLease agreements
  • Market Outlet


Business Case Info

Value Proposition: 

<p>Plans, legal agreements, and other advisory services provided by ALE DC will allow customers to maintain their farmland, either through their own work or by lease arrangements, using practices that they are comfortable with, that will maintain profitability of the farm, that will encourage support of neighbors and their community, and that will preserve and enhance natural capital.</p>



Required Resources: 

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