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Value Proposition

<p>We serve customers in the seven surrounding states that include families, stores, buying clubs, restaurants, and colleges.&nbsp; Our suppliers range from large whole foods operations to local neighborhood bakers and vendors.&nbsp; We do our best to support local and small businesses, as we are one ourselves.</p>


<p>Work that needs to be done: Marketing, Capital Improvements, Processing, Packaging and Distribution.</p><p>Time Taken:</p>


<ul><li>Obtain or Harvest Products</li><li>Mill Products</li><li>Land Management</li><li>Processing and Packaging</li><li>Marketing and Distribution</li><li>Consumers</li></ul>

Required Resources

<ul><li>Our trucks deliver to 7 different states on 15 different truck runs, and we also deliver via UPS.</li><li>On site retail store.</li><li>24 hour call ahead pick-up orders.</li><li>Catalog of products for deliveries or pick-ups.</li><li>Retail locations and suppliers visit http://www.frankferd.com/what-we-sell/our-suppliers</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p>

Business Entity Connections


Kurtz Bros.

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Jeff Stemier

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  • Physical CapitalAgricultural Physical CapitalUrban agriculture infrastructure