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La Ferme

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My name is Ryan Boeding.   The name of my business idea, La Ferme, is only a partial name.  It is a reference to my admiration for French language and culture, and my current profession,; teaching.  

I am in the process of exploring the profitability of starting an organic vegetable farm operation in NW Ohio.  I am reading literature, talking with farmers, and have taken an online class.  I have started a business plan so that I am focus my ideas, even if I don't have to take a loan.  My business plan is helping to organize my plans and ideas and to stay focused on my core values and ideas.

I hope to run a CSA, participate in a few farmers markets and sell to grocery stores.  

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41° 31' 17.1804" N, 83° 34' 15.4704" W

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