Mom's Meals
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Mom's Meals: a new business that makes prepared meals for the aging. Below is a quote from an article about them:

“We try to use fresh whenever possible. We make it fresh. We do a lot of it by hand,” Anderson said. All the fresh foods come from nearby distributors.

The plant consists of a prep area where raw foods are prepared for cooking, a kitchen where they are cooked, a cooling down area where that freshly cooked food is rapidly chilled, and more prep areas where cooked and chilled food are separated into containers then packaged to keep oxygen out and then labeled.

After it’s cooked, the temperature of the food is kept between 32 and 41 degrees. The diabetic and heart-friendly meals prepared with no preservatives are delivered next day in temperature-controlled containers and guaranteed for 18 days in the recipient’s refrigerator.

40,000 meals per day with capacity for 250,000



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