Bloomtown will provide a safe, nurturing, and productive agricultural environment for adults with disabilities, setting itself apart from other workshops in the area with its superior facilities, agricultural expertise, and its leadership in training methods and tools to equip adults with disabilities to find employment in integrated community work settings.

Proposed Location

2310 W. South Range Road, North Lima, OH


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Value Proposition

<p>Parents and guardians of adults with disabilities, and those adults themselves, are looking for safe, nurturing and productive environments to spend about six hours a day, five days a week. Adult workshops used to be run exclusively by county boards, but in recent years have been opened up to private providers. Knowing about several workshops in the Mahoning Valley, Goodness Grows is confident that its facilities are superior, the social environment more integrated, and the work more meaningful and valuable to the larger community.&nbsp;</p>


<p><strong>Administration and Certification</strong>: The rules and regulations regarding adult workshops are very complex, requiring GG staff or associates to work carefully with an existing workshop that has offered help. Staff will begin the application and certification process with the Ohio Department of Disabilities. Tied in with that, before Bloomtown is launched clear procedures must be in place and staff must be thoroughly trained.</p><p><strong>Marketing Materials</strong>: Website and printed brochures</p><p><strong>Physical Improvements</strong>: For as much year around growing as possible, greenhouse and hoop house renovation will need completed. To meet all ODOD physical requirements, some additional accessibility issues may need addressed.</p><p><strong>Transportation</strong>: Most, if not all, workshops have their own transportation, so a suitable van will need to be purchased.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>


<ol><li>Hire necessary staff</li><li>Put training schedule in place</li><li>Contract with local businesses in need of specialty crops</li><li>Develop specialty crop production plan</li><li>Network with farmers to address their short term labor needs.</li></ol>

Required Resources

<ol><li>Funding: To continue develop our site, both for accommodations and for production, we will need additional capital investment. Most likely, this will come from our congregation and/or network of supporters. In developing our training program, we are anticipating some grant income from our denomination and possibly from OSU/Agribility. Marketing expenses will likely come from the general account of Goodness Grows.</li><li>Knowledge network: This is our particular strength, as we are the catalyst in a project developing workplace aids and training aids for adults with disabilities to become prepared and sustained in agricultural employment in an integrated work setting. Our project partners include The Ohio Cooperative Development Center, OSU/Agribility/Easter Seals, Youngstown State University/Rich Center for Autism, Mahoning County Board of DD, Columbiana Educational Service Center, and local vocational agriculture teachers.</li></ol>

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