Carbon Cycle Engineering is located in the Appalachian bio-region of the Ohio Valley and the Wayne National Forest. The mission of the company is to provide consulting and design services for developing practical and appropriate solutions for under-served small to medium size niche farms and food processors. The goal is to provide a progressive design and management service that improves efficiency, profitability, and sustainability for the client's enterprise and the surrounding bio-region. The Ohio Valley has an abundant supply of grass, wood, and related industries and has great economic potential for appropriate bio-carbon energy and waste development. The company focus includes established companies as well as new entrepreneur start ups that need assistance developing alternative methods and improving efficiencies in their operations. Many of our clients are using Carbon Cycle Engineering (CCE) to research, design, and in some cases build and assemble equipment for new processes that utilize leading edge carbon cycle technologies.

Proposed Location

Ohio Valley

Proposed Supply Chain Category

Renewable Energy

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