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<p>The kitchen incubator offers food entrepreneurs a commercially licensed facility to begin food businesses and supportive staff to provide training and technical support.&nbsp; We would be able to help businesses in baking, food service such as catering, and even commercial canning of acidified foods.&nbsp; The location also would provide dry and cold/frozen storage.</p><p>Users of the Incubator can expenct to pay low hourly rates for use of various areas of the kitchen, and month rates for storage.&nbsp; This drastically reduces the high costs of contracting a co-packer for a product, purchasing and licensing commerical kitchen space, or existing rental options.&nbsp;</p><p>By lowing the costs, the Kitchen Incubator increases the number of entrepreneurs who can enter the market thus creating a sustainable source of new jobs in an economically depressed area and more opportunities for creating value out of local grown produce and creating vital infrastructure for the development of the local foods economy.</p>


<p>The Kitchen Incubator is set to open it&#39;s phase 1 Food Service and Baking kitchen by the Summer of 2013.</p><p>The Thermal Processing Center for acidified foods requires funding of at least $100,000 for rennovation of building and purchase of processing and canning equipment.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>



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