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Value Proposition

<p>We provide consumers with the ability to buy meats from local farmers in a way the maximizes convenience for the buyer, maintains a equitable price for the farmer and makes the alternative food chain for quality meats more efficient.</p><p>Buyers are willing to pay for our service because they can support local producers of quality meats in a convenient way.</p><p>Producers benefit from our service by being able to sell less popular cuts more easily, distribute their product more efficiently and plan inventories more effectively.</p><p>In the end, all of these benefits serve our long-term vision of making the alternative food system of small, mid-sized, local producers THE SYSTEM. This has the benefit of:</p><ol><li>More nutritious food</li><li>More dollars spent, kept and reinvested in our local communities</li><li>More focus on sustainability as a societal norm</li></ol>


<p>We do 2 primary activities</p><ol><li>Build relationships with buyers and sellers</li><li>Build technology necessary to make the market for locally produced meats more efficient</li></ol><p>&nbsp;Within our founding team we have local food fanatics, software developers and graphic designers.&nbsp;</p><p>Our local food fanatics are building relationships with buyers (consumers, restaurants, retailers, etc.) and sellers (farmers, processors) to facilitate communication and transactions between the two sides of the market.</p><p>Our developers and designers are creating the online platform that makes a more efficient local food chain possible.&nbsp;</p><p>Buyers and sellers can sign up for more info now.</p><p>The beta site will go live winter 2012</p>


<p>We need logistics partners</p>

Required Resources

<p>We received seed funding from Shaker LaunchHouse. We need more connections to farmers, processors and logistics providers</p>

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