HooftyMatch is an online marketplace for locally produced meats. We aggregate and disseminate data about the local supply and demand of meat products. Our initial product focuses on the Northeast Ohio region; however, we plan to expand nationally.

Our mission is to:

  1. Support small and mid-sized farms
  2. Live more sustainably
  3. Eat more nutritious, delicious meat

We do this by helping farmers sell the "other cuts" of an animal (i.e. the steaks from a beef sell well but maybe not the chuck roasts or ground beef). Additionally, we make distribution easier and more efficient by creating a demand heat map of potential buyers of farm-fresh meat.

From the buyer's perspective, we make it easy to buy exactly the cut of meat you want and know exactly where it came from - a small, sustainable farm less than a couple hundred miles from you.

Proposed Location

3558 Lee Rd Shaker Heights, OH 44120


Public - accessible to all site users

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Value Proposition

<p>We provide consumers with the ability to buy meats from local farmers in a way the maximizes convenience for the buyer, maintains a equitable price for the farmer and makes the alternative food chain for quality meats more efficient.</p><p>Buyers are willing to pay for our service because they can support local producers of quality meats in a convenient way.</p><p>Producers benefit from our service by being able to sell less popular cuts more easily, distribute their product more efficiently and plan inventories more effectively.</p><p>In the end, all of these benefits serve our long-term vision of making the alternative food system of small, mid-sized, local producers THE SYSTEM. This has the benefit of:</p><ol><li>More nutritious food</li><li>More dollars spent, kept and reinvested in our local communities</li><li>More focus on sustainability as a societal norm</li></ol>


<p>We do 2 primary activities</p><ol><li>Build relationships with buyers and sellers</li><li>Build technology necessary to make the market for locally produced meats more efficient</li></ol><p>&nbsp;Within our founding team we have local food fanatics, software developers and graphic designers.&nbsp;</p><p>Our local food fanatics are building relationships with buyers (consumers, restaurants, retailers, etc.) and sellers (farmers, processors) to facilitate communication and transactions between the two sides of the market.</p><p>Our developers and designers are creating the online platform that makes a more efficient local food chain possible.&nbsp;</p><p>Buyers and sellers can sign up for more info now.</p><p>The beta site will go live winter 2012</p>


<p>We need logistics partners</p>

Required Resources

<p>We received seed funding from Shaker LaunchHouse. We need more connections to farmers, processors and logistics providers</p>

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