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Value Proposition

<p>Hunter Farms is a certified organic farm offering the highest quality blueberries. &nbsp;Over the years, Richard Hunter developed systems to control pests and disease, as well as build healthy soils, without using synthetic chemical inputs that harm the earth and its inhabitants. &nbsp;The resulting crops are better for you not only because of what is absent, but also because they gain more nutritional value from a rich, biologically diverse soil. &nbsp;We dedicate ourselves to environmental stewardship. &nbsp;We believe that we are a part of an interconnected community, both local and global, where social responsibility guides a sustainable business. &nbsp;We invite you to try all that we offer and experience firsthand our commitment to taste, quality, and health.</p>


<p>Hunter Farms is an established family business. &nbsp;We plan on continual growth by working with other farmers, local retailers, and the community.&nbsp;</p>


<p>Hunter Farms has been committed to the organic certification since 1992 and has built healthy soils for growing blueberries and produce. &nbsp;This adds value to the product by producing better quality crops. &nbsp;</p><p>1. &nbsp;Field prep</p><p>2. Purchasing and planting root stalks</p><p>3. Irrigation and Fertilization</p><p>4. Time and Maintenance</p><p>5. Harvesting</p><p>6. Packaging, labeling, and storing</p><p>7. Distribution</p>

Required Resources

<p>Local farms, retailers, and the community are resources that contribute to the continual growth of Hunter Farms. &nbsp;</p><p>PASA, Pennsylvania Certified Organic, Small Business Association.</p>
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