Hunter Farms is a family owned and certified organic farm offering predominantly blueberries, as well as vegetables, herbs, natural soap, and flowers.  By becoming certified organic, Hunter Farms committed to third-party inspection and regulation to assure customers of the safety and quality of the crops grown.  Over the years, Richard Hunter developed systems to control pests and disease, as well as build healthy soils, without using synthetic chemical inputs that harm the earth and its inhabitants.  The resulting crops are better for you not only because of what is absent, but also because they gain more nutritional value from a rich, biologically diverse soil.  We dedicate ourselves to environmental stewardship.  We believe that we are a part of an interconnected community, both local and global, where social responsibility guides a sustainable business.  We invite you to try all that we offer and experience firsthand our commitment to taste, quality, and health.



Proposed Location

Fairview, PA


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