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Value Proposition

<p>I provide customers with beekeeping by-products, honey and beeswax, and the products made from these such as, lip balm, candles, and lotion. &nbsp;These are beneficial because they are made locally and by a small, family owned business. &nbsp;The new hives I sell include the queen and bees as well as the hive box and a tutoring session with me to start new apiarists with a solid knowledge and equipment needed to care for their hive. &nbsp;When I give lectures, I make sure to relay information that is relevant to the group and what they want to learn from me. &nbsp;This expands the knowledge of the apiary profession within the community, creating more respect and interest in it. &nbsp;My pollination services allows farmers to have a healthy supply of pollinators to better grow their crops.</p>


<p>To expand my pollination service customers I will need to advertise this service more and to reach out to farmers or other people who would require this kind of service.</p>


<p>To create my products I need:</p><p>-transportation to the various sites where I keep my bees as well as the transportation to the vendors where my products are sold</p><p>-materials for building the bee hives that I sell to new apiarists</p><p>-equipment for processing the honey and beeswax into products to sell</p><p>-containers to package my products</p><p>To be able to give lectures to various kinds of groups I attend certain markets each year to connect and network with the people that would like to learn from me. &nbsp;These markets and people that I connect with would also help me to begin to write articles for beekeeping magazines. &nbsp;In order to reach farmers to expand my pollination services I need to do more marketing along with networking locally.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Required Resources

<p>In order to make my business more profitable and to give me more time to enhance it, I might start mentoring future beekeepers or take on an&nbsp;volunteer&nbsp;intern in order to teach them more about beekeeping as well as marketing. &nbsp;To begin to write articles for magazines, I will use that extra time to network with magazines and to write.</p>
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