The main purpose of my business is to be able to supply new apiarists with quality bees, equipment, and knowledge to begin their own hives.  I believe my work can be split up into thirds: pollination, propagation, and production.   I provide pollination services to farmers in the area while at the same time building up the health and numbers of my bees to sell them.  From the bees I create many products like honey and beeswax from which I make things such as lip balm, lotion, or candles.  My products are sold to certain vendors in the area and in some surrounding states.  Along with selling my products and bees I give many lectures to a variety of audiences, from university classes to garden clubs, relaying information relevant to the skill and knowledge of the people I speak to.  My next step would be to write articles for beekeeping magazines as a way to reach more people.  I would also like to connect with more farmers in order to provide pollination services to them.

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<p>I provide customers with beekeeping by-products, honey and beeswax, and the products made from these such as, lip balm, candles, and lotion. &nbsp;These are beneficial because they are made locally and by a small, family owned business. &nbsp;The new hives I sell include the queen and bees as well as the hive box and a tutoring session with me to start new apiarists with a solid knowledge and equipment needed to care for their hive. &nbsp;When I give lectures, I make sure to relay information that is relevant to the group and what they want to learn from me. &nbsp;This expands the knowledge of the apiary profession within the community, creating more respect and interest in it. &nbsp;My pollination services allows farmers to have a healthy supply of pollinators to better grow their crops.</p>


<p>To expand my pollination service customers I will need to advertise this service more and to reach out to farmers or other people who would require this kind of service.</p>


<p>To create my products I need:</p><p>-transportation to the various sites where I keep my bees as well as the transportation to the vendors where my products are sold</p><p>-materials for building the bee hives that I sell to new apiarists</p><p>-equipment for processing the honey and beeswax into products to sell</p><p>-containers to package my products</p><p>To be able to give lectures to various kinds of groups I attend certain markets each year to connect and network with the people that would like to learn from me. &nbsp;These markets and people that I connect with would also help me to begin to write articles for beekeeping magazines. &nbsp;In order to reach farmers to expand my pollination services I need to do more marketing along with networking locally.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Required Resources

<p>In order to make my business more profitable and to give me more time to enhance it, I might start mentoring future beekeepers or take on an&nbsp;volunteer&nbsp;intern in order to teach them more about beekeeping as well as marketing. &nbsp;To begin to write articles for magazines, I will use that extra time to network with magazines and to write.</p>

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