Thank you for the opportunity to share my idea with you!

As an entrepreneur and budding businessman, I'm hoping to combine my passions and strengths by starting a business that will make prepared meals (breakfasts, sack lunches, entrees and sides for dinner) that customers can take home and eat with their family (or in the case of breakfast/lunch perhaps take to work!) The large portion of each meal would be locally sourced and bent towards the healthy eater.

This idea requires a fairly small amount of start-up capital because of its ability to create traction by investing in small batches of inventory at a time and selling only what the market demands until more money is made to invest in more product. An ideal starting point for selling these prepared items would be in farmer's markets across Ohio, which will hopefully eventually lead to a customer base that feels comfortable ordering ahead of time to make our cook's jobs easier and lower waste.

This idea lends itself well to cross-marketing with all the local vendors and artisans that would have their products in our meals as well as the vendors and artisans that are at any of the same farmer's markets where we sell - Think: With any breakfast item, the customer receives a coupon for $.50 their Silverbridge Coffee purchase today. (So long as Silverbridge agrees of course!)

I'm trying to work with local chefs to solidify a menu offering, which will be appropriately seasonal but still reliable enough to hedge against risk of weather/seasonal issues.

Also, the larger this business grows, the more my inventory becomes a Food Hub. When there is a large enough scale, my intention is to use the revenue generated with this business to start a thriving food hub and market local goods to all produce or artisan retailers.

Lastly, this business model is intended to be easily replicated - different location, different vendors, same set-up, same operations, etc.

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