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Value Proposition

<p>Carbon Cycle Engineering will provide the business model for the entrepreneur that wants to partner in the oil seed processing business. This is a turn-key opportunity for a Agriculture business minded young entrepreneur who can contribute a limited to moderate amount of capital and abundant sweat equity to start the oilseed processing business. Carbon Cycle Engineering will take a role in providing consulting, engineering, marketing connections, and investor opportunities. The business model can support several related enterprises utilizing an up stream - down stream business model each entity grows a business from continued combined product development and resource utilization.</p>


<p>Carbon Cycle Engineering will be intrigue in the initial business start up and structure according to the CCE business model but the client will be the operator and responsible for the day to day operation. Carbon Cycle Engineering will continue to provide services as needed and work to provide investor opportunities. The entrepreneur will provide the human resources to assemble and operate the oil seed processing business.</p>


<p>Establish location with grain storage potential, and approximately 4-6,000 sq ft clean building. Install processing equipment and plan shipping, develop relationships and markets. This the ambiguous part of the plan because their are other processors that may absorb the oil seed processing operation and share resources and costs as part of a co-processing agreement. The outcome of this project depends on the client/owner and what he or she brings to the table.</p>

Required Resources

<p>Carbon Cycle Engineering is not the primary owner but may be one of the investors as well as providing services to the enterprise. The entrepreneur for this business has not been determined so what this person or persons brings to the business formula has yet to be discovered. The success of this business model depends on building a multiple of businesses that share and cooperate as much as possible. Building this model depends on the compatibility of the applicants and the strength of the contract obligations. If this model is implemented correctly it can foster several strong enterprises.</p>
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