Our concept model for developing an oil seed processing to bio-fuels business will bring together participants through contract relationships, partnerships, and investment opportunities.

The oil seed processor is the centerpiece for this business model, and will

1. recruit and pay a premium price to growers who provide specific commodities that are grown using organic or best practice methods;

2. process the seed to food grade oil;

3. market a portion in bulk to restaurants for fryer oil at a wholesale price with agreements to return the used collectable cooking oil to the processor;

4. contract with a local small biodiesel processor to pick up oil and make biodiesel.

The processor would receive a percentage of the biodiesel to power the processing enterprise. The processor could sell bulk food grade oil to other processors and/or spin off a separate operation that bottles fancy oils for retail. The seed cake from the oil pressing operation can be marketed as food or feed ingredients and could be another potential enterprise spin off.

The processor creates the resource stream through farm commodity contracts. The processor processes the commodities and through contracts, mutual partners, and business opportunities moves the constitutes downstream to other businesses and general customers. In this business model many retail entrepreneurs and small businesses get the products and resources to supply their market. Every time the processing company brings in a new different crop it creates a new potential for more market development and opportunities. The processor becomes a two way threshold for the commodity grower to reach retail market place and  for the retail marketers to access the commodity resources. In this case the emphases is on niche commodities grown with organic or best practice methods and a USDA food grade processing facility that serves a local bio-regional market and targets a health and nutritionally minded public.         

Proposed Location

Ohio Valley


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