We are offering locations to place hives from late fall to early spring. Our primary business is agricultural production, however we are exploring options to utilize marginal areas for ecosystems services. Some of these locations will be established in plants which provide extended and early season habitat and food sources for bees. Some of this habitat may also be pastures with clover species.

Proposed Location

9671 Metcalf Road
Lakeville, OH 44638


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Support the honey bee and other pollinator industry through habitat also designed for water quality and ecosystem diversity.


Planning and coordinating sites in conjunction with hive owners including selection of specific plants species that fit their desired flavor profiles. Planting and invasive plant control.



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Richland Gro-Op

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Logistics and Distribution

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Resilient Health Network, Inc.


We promote, enrich, and sustain resilient human, community, and environmental health by developing synergistic/cooperative linkages among programs, projects and agriculturally-based production syst

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