Briefly describe your business including who will do what and how. For example: (Name of principal developers) started (name of business) in (year). In (location) we saw an opportunity to (what your business does) by (Here's how we do it).
Red Basket Farm Greenhouse Project. Floyd Davis, Owner/Grower - Red Basket Farm The Idea of the Greenhouse Project came from the need to grow more vegetable crops outside of the traditional growing season. The need for more production is a result of a Farm to School pilot project with the South Euclid Lyndhurst School District in Cuyahoga County. The farm currently has 3 unheated high tunnel greenhouses with the need to add additional greenhouses and a sustainable method of heating.
Context: What are your objectives, opportunities and challenges?
The demand for fresh, locally grown food is on the increase and that demand continues 12 months of the year. School Districts, Hospitals, Universities and restaurants are all inquiring abut sourcing local food both during the traditional growing season and beyond. The challenge is to be able to supply the demand in the winter months. The objective is to design a greenhouse system that allows production during the non-traditional months without cost being prohibitive.
Focus: What specific customers and customer needs are you focused on?
The design and implementation of a greenhouse system that allows for year round production at a reasonable and sustainable cost.
Deliverables: What will you deliver to customers and what is critical to your ability to deliver?
Locally grown food at at time when it is not normally available.
Commitments: What will your customers, collaborating businesses, and employees expect from you? How will you ensure that you reliably meet their expectations?
Modeling: What other businesses would you be able to connect with in value or supply chains or networks?
Community Investment: How will you and your collaborators work together to retain wealth locally? What still needs to be done in this regard?
Information: What information, communication plans and information technologies do you need to run your business? What is in place now and what do you still need?
Knowledge: How will you adapt to change and what resources do you have access to that can help you?
Governance: What is the administrative structure for your business? If you consider you and your collaborating businesses as a single entity, how would you operate together?

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