Shagbark Seed & Mill, launched by the Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative in 2010, is a prototype certified organic regional scale processing facility/business that offers staple grain and bean products made from organic and chemical free grain, bean, and seed crops. We work with Ohio farmers who are certified organic or agree to grow without chemical inputs to fill the processing gap in the value chain that is now dominated by global commodities. Our goals are to develop a regional scale facility that 1. delivers affordable healthy food to all sectors of the market, including food access programs, and 2. increases farm acreage producing high-nutrition crops using sustainable production methods. Shagbark currently has more than 150 acres of corn, dry beans, buckwheat,  and spelt in production--all on eight Ohio farms, most of which are certified organic.

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<p>Shagbark has already been delivering fresh stone ground flour, dry beans, corn tortilla chips, spelt pasta, and corn crackers to consumers through farmers markets, grocers, restaurants, and food access programs in SE Ohio, Columbus, and Cleveland. We want to expand our market, hone our product line, look into doing small batch heirloom chips at our facility, develop floor malting, nut production, and pasta production as spin off businesses for&nbsp; and work with experts who are knowledgeable about structuring our enterprises as cooperative partnerships that include farmers, facility personnel and community members.</p>





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