Grass-fed milk is absolutely the best! And all our special Artisan Cheeses are made from the freshest grass-fed milk right here on the farm. Our cheese-making methods are traditional and our recipes old world. We create cheese by the hard work of our hands. All our cheese is made in small batches, artisan form, with the bare minimum of main ingredients: milk, salt, rennet. We use no additives or preservatives, so our cheeses are not only better tasting, but healthier. Our goal is not to make or sell the most cheese, but to produce the best tasting, highest quality cheese.


Pasteurized Cheeses:

Goosey’s Gouda – a smooth-textured cheese with small openings throughout. Mild to mellow and very creamy.

Cheddar Curds – lightly salted and squeaky when fresh. A great snack food.

Bear Cheddar – mild to sharp  

Lumpa Jack – creamy, delicate and mild. Oh so meltable! Also in hot and garlic.

Jenny’s Jarlsburg – firm with small eyes, nutlike and sweetish with a bit of bite. A great cooking cheese.
Rings Havarti - mild, moist and creamy. Perfect for sandwiches or crackers. Now in plain, dill, or caraway.


Goosey's Gouda -  creamy and flavorful.
Jenny's Jarlsburg - more bitey than above.
Bear Cheddar -  old world flavor 

Smoked Cheeses: 
Gouda and Lumpa Jack

Prices vary by type of cheese; $7.00-$12.00 per pound.

Proposed Location

2551 Crane Road Edinboro, PA 16412


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