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Value Proposition

Businesses will pay for our services because we will help them better utilize their resources, increase the productivity of their employees, and decrease their healthcare costs as employees make healthier food choices as the develop a closer connection to healthy food that is convenient, affordable, and tasty.


Selling, let alone executing, this concept to a major corporation is a mammoth project in of itself! These corporations want to know they are dealing with the best in the field. To that end, I have been assembling, with assistance from OARDC/FFEF, a team of experts to address the complexities involved. That team includes OSU, OARDC, and YSU professors, an architect, an AVI Food Systems executive, and several other volunteers. This team will be developing a plan to present to GM management. Part of that planning will result in a sequenced strategy to implement the proposal.


There's a certain value in an vegetable that is grown with ecological integrity. We are adding value to that by effectively utilizing on-site resources and by having the growing being done in a highly visible way that is also designed for human interaction. We are further adding value by making this good food convenient to the employees. Since we will not be able to grow everything needed on site, we will need to source other food products, and we want that sourcing to be done as nearby as possible. Because of that, the mapping of other food businesses is very important to our endeavor.

Required Resources

I'm still wanting a representative from the insurance industry to be on this team--and possibly someone in the wellness program business. The complexity and scope of this project requires a lot of management. I'm looking for a business partner for assistance and/or funding that would allow me to spend more time on this work.
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