Natural Capital

Natural capital is the stock of unimpaired environmental assets (e.g. air, water,
land, flora, fauna, etc.) in a region. Natural capital is defined as having three major
components: 1) non-renewable resources such as oil and minerals that are extracted
from ecosystems, 2) renewable resources such as fish, wood, and drinking water
that are produced and maintained by the processes and functions of ecosystems, 3)
environmental services such as maintenance of the quality of the atmosphere, climate,
operation of the hydrological cycle including flood controls and drinking water
supply, waste assimilation, recycling of nutrients, generation of soils, pollination of
crops, and the maintenance of a vast genetic library. Investments in natural capital
include restoration and maintenance. Earnings or income includes a sustainable supply
of raw materials and environmental services. Natural capital and its systems are
essential for life. People can destroy, degrade, impair and/or restore natural capital
but cannot create it. per yellowwood

Black River Organics

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Context: What are your objectives, opportunities and challenges?
My objective is to grow and sell high quality fruits and vegetables while making money.
Focus: What specific customers and customer needs are you focused on?
The need is the demand for fresh local organic fruits and vegetables.
Deliverables: What will you deliver to customers and what is critical to your ability to deliver?
High quality local organic fruit and vegetables. Customers will have benefit through health.


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