Access to multiple forms of capltal

"Capital is typically thought of in financial terms. Consider the following definition for example: ""Wealth in the form of money or assets, taken as a sign of the financial strength of an individual, organization, or nation, and assumed to be available for development or investment."" Source: Business
As suggested in the definition, wealth can also take the form of non-financial assets such as expertise, influence, land, built structures, equipment and time. The capital assets that could be considered for building local economies in include all forms of capital including social, natural, built, human, and financial.

Oil Processing: Seed Production, Food Grade Oil, & Biofuel

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Our concept model for developing an oil seed processing to bio-fuels business will bring together participants through contract relationships, partnerships, and investment opportunities.

The oil seed processor is the centerpiece for this business model, and will

1. recruit and pay a premium price to growers who provide specific commodities that are grown using organic or best practice methods;

2. process the seed to food grade oil;

Appleseed Microfinance

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The Appleseed Microfinance Loan Fund is a flexible loan program designed to meet the financial needs of new and emerging small businesses. By providing funding alternatives for small businesses that are not able to access traditional bank financing, Appleseed is helping to generate and retain jobs in Northeast Ohio by providing loans ranging from $1,000-$50,000. With a wide range of potential uses of loan proceeds, the program is able to tailor financing to specifically meet a business’s short term, long term, or project oriented needs.

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