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30 Mile Meal, Lake-to-River OH/PA Business Case
  • Financial Capital
  • Human CapitalLaborLabor - Interns
  • locally grown food
The 30 Mile Meal is a local food branding and promotional campaign that aims to provide a shared...
Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportGrants
  • Human CapitalLaborEntrepreneurs
  • Human CapitalLaborLabor - InternsCoop & Incubator interns
  • Market OutletCSA Consumer Supported Agriculturefor residential customers
  • Market OutletInstitutional Buyersbuyers of processed foods
  • locally grown foodBulk ProduceFruit and Vegetable Produce
 Common Wealth Inc.'s Northeast Ohio Kitchen Incubator is a micro-enterprise linchpin for...
Countryside Initiative Farms Business Case
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsAnimal Feed ( Grain and Hay)
  • Human CapitalLaborLabor - Interns
  • Physical CapitalAgricultural Physical CapitalAgricultural Equipmentsmall farm equipment rental and repair
The Countryside Initiative farms are located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and exist through...
Great American Lamb Company Business Case
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsAnimal Feed ( Grain and Hay)Livestock Feed, Hay, Etc.
  • Human CapitalEducation and TrainingProcessing and Value Added Processing
  • Human CapitalLaborJust in Time LaborFarm and Market\ Business Help
  • LivestockOther Livestock ProcessingCarding and Cleaning
Great American Lamb Company produces and distributes premium all natural American lamb, sheepskins...
Locavore's Prepared Foods Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportStrategies to secure financial capital
  • Human CapitalLaborEntrepreneurs
  • Human CapitalResearch and DevelopmentFood processing process development and FDA registration
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop ProductsVegetables
  • locally grown foodBaked Goodshealthy baked goods
  • locally grown foodBeans
  • locally grown foodBulk ProduceFruit and Vegetable Produce
  • locally grown foodBulk ProduceFruit and Vegetable Produce Farmers
  • locally grown foodFish
  • locally grown foodLocal, sustainable produce/meats
Thank you for the opportunity to share my idea with you!As an entrepreneur and budding businessman...
Showman Farms: Conneauttee Creamery Business Case
  • Human CapitalLaborManager
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsWebsitesInternet service
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsWebsitesSocial Media Platform
  • Legal and RegulatoryComplianceLicenseraw dairy permit
  • LivestockDairy ProcessingAging
  • LivestockDairy ProcessingCheese copackingCheese Processing Equipment
  • LivestockDairy ProcessingCheese copackingCheesemakers
  • LivestockDairy ProcessingCheese copackingIngredients/Cultures
  • LivestockDairy ProcessingCheese copackingPackaging
  • LivestockDairy ProcessingCheese copackingWhey- Waste byproductwhey
  • Logistics/Transportationtransportationavailable markets and distribution of product
  • Logistics/Transportationtransportationdairy product distribution
  • Logistics/Transportationtransportationtransportation of product
  • Market OutletCSA Consumer Supported Agriculture
  • Market OutletFarmstand
  • Market OutletInstitutional BuyersCooperatives
  • Market OutletInstitutional Buyersbuyers of processed foods
  • Market OutletInstitutional Buyerspurveyors
  • Physical CapitalFood Processing Equipmentcheese making equipment
Grass-fed milk is absolutely the best! And all our special Artisan Cheeses are made from the...
WayneOH Urban Calf Business Case
  • Human CapitalLabor
  • Human CapitalResearch and DevelopmentAgricultural R&DAgricultural Technology
  • Natural CapitalLandIndustrial Landindustrial site
  • Physical CapitalIndustrial FacilitiesBuilding Spacefacility
This is an early stage concept of developing an urban dairy heifer or jersey / beef cross nursery...