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Bloomtown: An Sheltered Workshop for Adults with Disabilities Business Case
  • Physical CapitalAgricultural Physical CapitalAgricultural BuildingsgreenhouseGreenhouse supplys
  • Social CapitalBusiness / Community marketing
Bloomtown will provide a safe, nurturing, and productive agricultural environment for adults with...
Camp Joseph Badger Meadows Agritourism Business Case
  • Financial Capital
  • Human CapitalMarketing
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsWebsites
  • Social CapitalBusiness / Community marketing
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop Products
  • locally grown food
Camp Joseph Badger Meadows (JBM) is a 235 acre church camp supported by 50+ churches of Eastminster...
Chesterhill Produce Auction Business
  • Logistics/TransportationBulk handling
  • Logistics/TransportationFood Hubsaggregating product
  • Market OutletFarmstand
  • Social CapitalBusiness / Community marketing
  • Social CapitalLocal Food Businesses
Auction-style produce market operated by Rural Action where food producers can sell wholesale to...
Local Food Access through Innovative Food Pricing Class Business Case
  • Financial CapitalFinancial SupportGrantsLocal Food Access to Institutions
  • Human CapitalMarketingMarket Development Strategy
  • Logistics/Transportationtransportationtransportation of product
  • Social CapitalBusiness / Community marketingPublic Relations NeedsFundraising Strategy
In 2011, Shagbark Seed & Mill started piloting a price class as part of a small enterprise...
Noni's Farm, LLC Business Case
  • Agritourism
  • Market OutletCSA Consumer Supported Agriculturefor residential customers
  • Natural CapitalPlantsseedsOrganic seeds
  • Social Capital
Currently operating as a small, urban farm, we are growing on 1/3 acre of hillside. We have...
OzoneFarm Business Case
  • Human CapitalEducation and TrainingKnowledge commonsDecision supportdata modelsopen data
  • Social CapitalInformation abouts local food resources (community maps highlighting farmers markets, CSAs, community gardens)information
OzoneFarm eCommunity is a loose-knit informal collection of coders, web developers, inventors, and...
Produce on Wheels for Eating Right Project Business Case
  • Human CapitalEducation and TrainingIndividual leadershipCoachingskills
  • Market OutletReady-to-eat mealsHigh nutrition foods (plant and animal based)
  • Natural CapitalPlantsseeds
  • Social CapitalInformation abouts local food resources (community maps highlighting farmers markets, CSAs, community gardens)information
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop ProductsFruits and Nut Tree ProductsFruit
  • Specialty CropsSpecialty Crop ProductsVegetables
The POWER project is a mobile farmers market with a strong nutrition and horticulture education...