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Cold Storage Rental Business Case
  • Energy ProductionElectrical Assistance
  • Logistics/TransportationFood HubsStorageProducers Seeking Cold Storage
  • Physical CapitalIndustrial FacilitiesBuilding Space
As a small-scale producer, I have recently experienced the lack of cold storage units in the Wayne...
Substrate Websoft Business Case
  • Information Tech and CommunicationsWebsitesInternet service
  • Physical CapitalIndustrial FacilitiesBuilding SpaceOffice space and equipment
Design and development of websites, web applications, and mobile applications for local food -...
WayneOH Urban Calf Business Case
  • Human CapitalLabor
  • Human CapitalResearch and DevelopmentAgricultural R&DAgricultural Technology
  • Natural CapitalLandIndustrial Landindustrial site
  • Physical CapitalIndustrial FacilitiesBuilding Spacefacility
This is an early stage concept of developing an urban dairy heifer or jersey / beef cross nursery...