Business Entities Classified By Input

Name Type Inputs Description
ES. Steiner Dairy LLC Existing Business
  • milk produced at local farms, ES. Steiner Dairy LLC produces quality...
Farinacci Winery & Vineya Existing Business
Employees: 2 Line of Business: Mfg Wines/Brandy/Spirits
Farm Science Review Existing Business
FSR Website
Farmer Training Institute at Camp JBM Existing Business
Farmer's Produce Auction Existing Business
FarmLogs Existing Business
FarmLogsOur mission is to be the company that invents the future of farming. We challenge what is...
Faroh Candies Inc Existing Business
Employees: 25 Line of Business: Manufactures chocolate candy; retail confectionery store produced...
Fender’s Fish Hatchery, LLC Existing Business
Ferrante Wine Farm Inc Existing Business
Employees: 40 Line of Business: Vineyard; winery; eating place
Fifth Day Creations Existing Business
Fin Farm LLC Existing Business
  • Farm LLC is a family-owned business based in Northwest Ohio with 30+...
Fins And Feathers Seafood And Poultry Market Inc. Existing Business
  • LivestockFish
  • LivestockPoultry
Food service company Listed in Ebony Horizons Black Owned Business Directory.
Fisher's Country Market Existing Business
  • cutting and processing (Red Meat)....
Fligner's Supermarket Existing Business
  • with custom cut meat counter.    ...
Folz Fishing Lakes Existing Business
  • Fishing Lakes has two well maintained fishing lakes, stocked with big...
Forest Fish Farm Existing Business
Four Generations Inc Existing Business
Employees: 4 Line of Business: Mfg Baked Goods
Fox Country Farms Existing Business
  • Country Farms grows hybrid bluegill, largemouth bass, striped bass...
Frankferd Farms Milling Inc. Business Case
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsBarley
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsBuckwheat
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsCorn
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsGrainsCereal Grains
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsOats
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsRice
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsRye
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsSorghum
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop ProductsWheat
  • Commodity CropsCommodity Crop Productsspelt
Frankferd Farms is a family-owned operation in western Pennsylvania that specializes in organic,...
Fredericktown Fish Farm Existing Business
Mr. Clayton EnzorPrimary Phone: (419) 566-4866
Fresh Fork Market Existing Business
Fresh Fork Market Existing Business
Fresh Fork Market
Fresh Mark Massillon Existing Business
  • Mark is a leading supplier of smoked and processed meats to the...
Froyo Twist Existing Business
  • Twist is a self-serve frozen yogurt cafe in Northeast Ohio.
Full Service local, natural health food store Business Case
  • locally grown foodBaked Goodshealthy baked goods
  • locally grown foodBulk Producefruits and vegetablesorganic USDA Producelocal, organic produce
  • locally grown foodLocal, sustainable produce/meatsprepared deli foods
  • locally grown foodPrepared Mealslocally manufactured food products
We are expanding and emphasizing our already existing local food offerings. We have been in...